Elite I.Q. Hoops, is an all year around fundamental basketball skill development training academy for players from all levels (youth, collegiate and professional). We provide basketball skills training in the Bay Area (HAYWARD, UNION CITY AND FREMONT) as well as Stockton, Ca. Elite I.Q. Hoops mission is to motivate our athletes with quality systems of training while providing innovative training development techniques for athletes of all ages and skill levels. With the use of skillful research programs for the improvement of athletes fundamental basketball skill-set is a key base component for Elite I.Q. Hoops. Our trainers evaluate each players game, and offers strategic and precise suggestions that can better educate and expand each athletes growth in the game of basketball. Teaching the tangibles and improving the fundamentals of the game of basketball while showing the blue print of what is needed to excel each athletes game to another level is our main passion and goal.


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